Chinkilá, Yucatán

Chinkila Belilula
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The Community of Chinkila is located in the Tecoh Municipality in Yucatan, Mexico.

There are 336 inhabitants, 62.20% of the population is indigenous, and 26.79% of the inhabitants speak an indigenous language. 

We work directly with the Kampepem cooperative, which is responsible for managing the tourist infrastructure they own, which is currently underutilized.

We collaborate with this cooperative since 2018 in the search for new tourist offers and connecting tourism with the community, improving the community local economy.

The cenote is called Kampepem, which in Mayan means "Yellow Butterfly",

from the mayan words:

k'an = Yellow
péepen = Butterfly




"Hi, I'm Bertha Carrillo, I was born in Chinkila and I have lived happily during these 49 years in this small community of Yucatan; generation after generation the community learns to carry out activities such as: carpentry, embroidering, sewing and cooking the typical cuisine of the area such as puc chuc, pibil, black filling, pib; our celebrations and important dates unite us even more since we are 400 inhabitants and we celebrate them all together.


These are traditions that have been preserved in our community. We are very close, when someone gets sick or needs us, he knows that he has all of us, it is as if we were a big family. We invite you to enjoy this beautiful place in a corner of Yucatan, we will receive you with much love."

The Kampepem Cooperative is a cooperative run entirely by women, it´s responsible for managing and maintaining the tourist infrastructure that the community owns.